ZWORLD has come up as an advanced version of ZBTX with new concept of growth with its more advance feature like E-commerce, Utility Services and many more

ZWORLD Is a platform, which provides liquidity to the financial providers globally and having specialization in forex trade and crypto assets Trading & Management.

About ZWLD Token

ZWLD is the Renewed Version of ZBTX token with the same supply but more benefits fo the users.


* Cryptocurrency based on Metaverse Technology.

* Probability of high growth rate due to low token Supply.

* Secure and safest project running on BEP-20 (Binance Chain network).

* User friendly wallet for the convenience of users with customer care helpline.

* Token already listed on exchange and coming on Top 10 exchanges.

* Advanced version of ZBTX with E-commerce portal and utility services.

ZWLD Live Ecosystem

Who’s building on ZWLD Live

The ZWLD Live ecosystem offers a variety of products and projects developed by the community.

Learning Management System

ZWLDLMS is a powerful learning platform intended for world-class training & development.

Forex & Crypto Trading Service

Trading education network of professional traders with many years of experience in modern markets.

NFT Platform

ZWLD NFTs is built on the Multi-blockchain and all kinds of art, videos, and music can be bought, sold, or created on the platform by using ZWLD Live.


In colloquial usage, a "metaverse" is a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection. The term "metaverse" originated in the 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash as a portmanteau of "meta" and "universe".

Meta Lands

Metaland is an RPG game based on the D20 game rules on Fantom Opera network. It combines leisure and strategy, with a complete social system and a strong sense } of metaverse immersion. The plot of the game takes place on the magic continent.


A BSC token is any cryptocurrency created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Further, tokens created on the Binance Smart Chain use the BEP-20 standard. So, if you ever see crypto referred to as BEP-20

Web 3.0

Web 3.0, sometimes known as Web 3, is the concept of the next generation of the web, in which most users will be connected via a decentralized network and have access to their own data.

Meta Events

A meta event is a series of dynamic events that tells the story of an explorable zone. A meta event might tell the story of a norn area in danger of being corrupted by the Sons of Svanir, or a human region constantly threatened by centaur armies.


Blockchain technology offers Retail four main benefits: Reduced Costs, Faster Payments, Increased Transparency, and Improved Security.

Maximum Supply

1,51,000 ZWLD only

Join With Us

Minimum 500 USDT

Income Opportunity

You will get 5% Per Month of your investment upto 200% of your invested amount.


Breakdown of our token recipients.

  • Strategic Sale50%
  • Club and core group5%
  • Rewards and incentives15%
  • Treasure20%
  • Ecosystem5%
  • Pre-sale5%

ZWLD Live blockchain is designed to adopt blockchain technology and serves as the foundation for a scalable and sustainable business ecosystem.

The ZWLD Live Blockchain is built on existing, Binance blockchain innovation technologies created for achieving mass adoption from a technology perspective.

These technologies comprise the proof of authority consensus mechanism, protocols of transaction fee delegation, built-in smart contracts and meta transaction features.


The ZWLD Live roadmap is a summary of ZWLD Live development. Here you will find an overview of the goals of the ZWLD Live, as well as descriptions of the core functional components.

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